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So as my fingers curl, I move my lips just so you won't have to

Damn it you clever girl

it's over we are still nothing

Who the fuck said I ever wanted to be a millionaire?

you despise me and i love you. it's not much but it's just enough to keep--
83%, ambiguous punctuation, anderson cooper, butter on bread, cate blanchett's androgynous genius, celebrity snark, cinematography, coffee and cigarettes, crystal meth intervention, damn you vile woman, faded movie ticket stubs, fake celebrity facts, fix, graphic tees, historically fashionable sunglasses, hot-lesbians-making-out music!, i said goddamn!, i'm a pirate aaaarrrgh, just ask once more, kerri walsh's abs, lee pace's pies, lydia love letters, mispronounciation, modeling through it, plaid pajama pants, salad time is best, skinny jeans, someone to die for, sound of music homages, speaking like a brit, suiting up, sweet cuppincakes, that's incest and illegal, the big wahooni, the what-if game, tina fey wit, umbrella ella ella, wawa sandwiches